Answering children’s questions about COVID-19

I’ve had a request from a friend whose 9-year old daughter has a lot of questions about COVID-19, and it’s made me realise there is a lack of good quality, child-friendly information out there. I passionately believe that knowledge and understanding are important for all age groups, and that children deserve to have their questions answered and their concerns addressed. So, over the next few days I will attempt to answer her questions, and any others people have. As always, my aim is to provide information that is accessible but not patronising! The questions I will be attempting to answer are:

What is a virus?

How do new viruses evolve?

How do viruses spread from animals to humans?

How do scientists study new viruses?

Can viruses change when they start to spread?

How does washing your hands affect viruses?

If your child has any questions that you’d like me to try and answer, please get in touch and I will do my best! I am also looking at possibly holding an online question and answer session for children, if that is something that would be an interest.

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